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The Wall Art of Kyiv

Offering Positive Expressions Through the Arts

In late 2020 I journeyed to the Ukraine.  My eyes fell upon a wonderful country and people.  As I spent a few weeks in the capital of Kyiv, I walked along the banks of the Dnipro River.  To my amazement was this remarkable ‘wall of art’.  Dynamic, youthful and sincere.  It is this work that brings us ‘The Wall Art of Kyiv’.  With the colors of the Ukraine flag as its frame, I wanted to provide a means of remembering this treasure not knowing if war will rob us of this creative expression and the dynamics of Ukraine’s young artists.

Today you can bring ‘The Wall Art of Kyiv’ home and make it part of your art collection.  It measures 36”L X 6”H.  It’s produced to stand upright on its own just as the people of Ukraine have done for centuries and with great pride.  I am pledging 50% of all sales to the Red Cross Relief efforts in support of Ukraine.  Join me and bring a piece if this remarkable artistic expression through your purchase of ‘The Wall Art of Kyiv’.